PetroBio has adopted the environmental challenge. We want a change to a climate sustainable solution, for a fair justice to future generations. We try not only to optimize your energy production to profitability, but also to reduce negative effects on the environment. 

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Solid Fuel (powder/dust)

PetroBio's broad and long experience from solid fuel firing started during the 80's, and the reference list of different applications is long, covering for ex:

  • Pelletized fuel and wood based fuels 

  • Agro based fuels

  • Powder /dust waste streams from industrial production

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Liquid Fuel

Firing liquid fuels is where the PetroBio story started, with the district heating network of Sweden during the 60's and 70's:

  • Biooils / tar oil

  • Solvents

  • Liquid industrial waste streams

  • Heavy and light fuel oils

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Gaseous Fuel

Gaseous fuels has been part of the PetroBio portfolio since the start of the company and includes:

  • Bio gas

  • Waste gas streams

  • LPG and natural gas

  • Syngas

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